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Examining Expatriation

26 View(s), published at 2003-09-22, written by Astrid Susanne Lang, published by diplom.de
Examining Expatriation

Examining expatriation by Astrid Susanne Lang Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: Expatriation is of considerable significance to the success of many multinational corporations. In this thesis, the status quo of women in Austria is illustrated based upon eco.... Published date on: 2003-09-22 with total page: 126 pages. Publisher of Examining Expatriation is diplom.de.

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: Expatriation is of considerable significance to the success of many multinational corporations. In this thesis, the status quo of women in Austria is illustrated based upon economic, educational, labor and cultural indices. Research in the area of international human resource management - and particularly on female expatriate managers - and its applicability on the situation in Austria is examined. In an empirical survey, interviews with female Austrian expatriate managers are analyzed to identify the most crucial problem areas, barriers, and biases women have to overcome on foreign assignments. Recommendations are provided for human resource executives and potential female expatriate managers. Einleitung: Auslandsentsendungen von Managern sind von entscheidender Bedeutung für international tätige Unternehmen. In dieser Diplomarbeit wird der Status Quo von Frauen in Österreich anhand von Daten über Wirtschaft, Ausbildung, Arbeit und Kultur dargestellt. Forschungsarbeiten im Bereich des internationalen Personalmanagements - im Besonderen in Bezug auf Frauen als Auslandsentsandte - und ihre Anwendbarkeit auf Österreich werden untersucht. In einer empirischen Studie werden Interviews mit weiblichen österreichischen Auslandsentsandten analysiert und die wichtigsten Problembereiche, Hürden und Vorurteile dargestellt, mit denen die Managerinnen konfrontiert wurden. Weiters werden Empfehlungen an Personalverantwortliche und zukünftige weibliche Expatriates gegeben. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: TABLE OF CONTENTS1 INDEX OF FIGURES3 INDEX OF TABLES4 1.INTRODUCTION5 1.1Situation5 1.2Goals5 1.3Questions6 1.4Procedure7 2.THE SITUATION IN AUSTRIA9 2.1Economic Situation9 2.1.1Gross Domestic Product9 2.1.2Company Structure11 2.1.3Imports and Exports13 2.1.4Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)15 2.2Labor, Educational, and Social Status Quo of Women in Austria and theEU18 2.2.1Female Employment18 2.2.2Part-Time Employment21 2.2.3Education22 2.2.4Women in Management25 2.2.5Gender Specific Pay Gaps28 2.2.6Summary and Outlook30 2.3The Austrian Culture32 2.3.1Culture and Business Culture32 2.3.2Cultural Implications for Women in Austrian Management38 3.FEMALE EXPATRIATE MAN AGERS - A LITERATURE SURVEY40 3.1Examining Expatriation40 3.1.1Staffing Approaches, International Human Resource Management, and Strategic Necessity of Expatriation40 3.1.2Motives for Expatriation42 3.1.3The Expatriation Process43 3.2Female Expatriation: Myths, Barriers, Problem Areas, and Questions48 3.2.1Selection50 3.2.2Decision Among Different Lifestyle Opportunities / Dual Career Issues58 3.2.3Lack of Access to Networks, Female Role Models, Mentors62 3.2.4Self-Perception and Behavior64 3.2.5Coping Strategies65 3.2.6Review67 3.2.7Summary68 4.EMPIRICAL SURVEY69 4.1Sample69 4.2Qualitative Method72 4.3Limitations74 4.4Situation and Status Quo of Austrian Female Expatriate Man agers75 4.4.1Question 1 - Being Female: Advantageous or Disadvantageous75 4.4.2Question 2 - Advantages and Disadvantages in Detail77 4.4.3Question 3 - Different Roles80 4.4.4Question 4 - Prejudice in Domestic Surroundings81 4.4.5Question 5 - Prejudice in Host Countries83 4.4.6Question 6 - Problem Areas in the Course of Foreign Assignments86 4.4.7Question 7 - Single or Married93 4.4.8Question 8 - Experiences with Being Alone Abroad95 4.4.9Question 9 - Self-Esteem and Behavior97 4.4.10Question 10 - Coping Strategies99 4.4.11Question 11 - Resources101 4.4.12Networking102 4.4.13Summary103 5.RECOMMENDATIONS105 5.1.1Recommendations to Potential Female Expatriate Managers105 5.1.2Recommendations to Human Resource Executives107 6.CONCLUSION111 REFERENCES113 APPENDIX120

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