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Comparing Curriculum making Processes

29 View(s), published at 2002-01-01, written by Moritz Rosenmund, Anna-Verena Fries, Werner Heller, published by Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Comparing Curriculum making Processes

Comparing curriculum-making processes by Moritz Rosenmund, Anna-Verena Fries, Werner Heller This book collects most of the papers presented in a symposium on curriculum research held in Zurich in December 1999. The contributions focus on curriculummaking between national and global codes, be.... Published date on: 2002-01-01 with total page: 355 pages. Publisher of Comparing Curriculum-making Processes is Peter Lang Pub Incorporated.

This book collects most of the papers presented in a symposium on curriculum research held in Zurich in December 1999. The contributions focus on curriculummaking between national and global codes, between politics and educational practice between top-down control and bottom-up agreement. They look at curriculummaking as an enterprise of educational practitioners and they try to link the political and technical aspects of curriculum-making. While curriculum-making traditionally tends to stress a specific, national selection of educational goals and contents, in cannot neglect the existence of school knowledge and forms of school organisation by the global market. Do lthe global (cultural) code and the need for adaptation to globalisation reinforce a trend towards the covergence of differnt national educational systems in general and their curriculum-making processes in particular? Contents: Moritz Rosenmund / Anna-Verena Fries/Wernerl Heller: Introduction--Ernst Buschor: Opening Address--Jan van den Akker: The Potential of Development Research for Improving the Relation between Curriculum Research and Curriculum Development--Bettina Backstrom-Widjeskog/Sven-Erik Hansen: Problme Concering Comkparative Research of Curriculum Development--Cecilia Brasslavsky: The Contemporary Process of Curricular Transformations in Argentine--Catherine Cornbleth: Curriculum Politics, Policy, Practice, Comparative Questions, Contextualized Cases--Anca Dumitrescu: Intercultural Values in the New Foreign Language Curricula in Today's Romania--Ahna-Verena Fries: Effects for the Curriculum Discourse--Gianni Ghisla: Curriculum as a Framework: An Educational Plan to Face the Complexity of Pedagogical Innovationand its Strategic Requirements--Urs Grob/Katharina Maag Merki: Guiding Principals in Cantonal and Intercantonal Compusory School Curricula in the Context of Evaluation Research--Renate won Heydebrand: Evaluation and Curriculum-Planning--an Analysis of Literary Evaluation and Canon-Formation as a Contribution to Comparative Curriculum Research--Kin-yuen lp: The Making of the New Curriculum of Politics in Secondary Schools of China: Depoliticization of a Political Curriculum under Central Control--Ramsey D. Koo: Curriculum Reform in Macao: Issues and Challenges in Socio-Political Transition--Rudolf Kunzli: Curriculum Policy in Switzerland--Slavica Maksic: The Relevance of Curriculum Research: The Evaluation of Curriculum-Making Processes--Elizabeth EcEneaney: Participation and Expertise in Primary School Science Textbooks: A Comparative-Historical Analysis--Joanna Le Metais: The Democratic Curriculum--Brigit Pepin: Methodological Issues in Cross-National Comparative Research--Aleksandra Petrovic: Coordinating Curriculum Objectives and Contents for the Purpose of Developing Mutual Understanding between Ethinic Groups--Moritz Rosenmund Approdaches no International Comparative Reasearch on Curricula and Curriculum-Making Processes--Bruno Santini-Amgarten: the Use of the Curriculum in Private Schools--Kirsten Sivesind: Task and Themes in Communication abaou the Curriculum. The Norwegian Compulsory School Reform in Perspective--Walo Hutmacherl: Changing Perspective: Concluding Remarks.

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